Social Responsability

The world we live in today is very different to the world of ten and twenty years ago and more. It is indeed an ever changing and evermore challenging world that we live in today. In recent times, more than ever, it has become the duty of companies and corporations to show serious commitment to the future of not only our own lives and business, but to the lives, businesses and welfare of the world around us.

At MAXASSUR we welcome this global drive and therefore encourage by example the contribution of time and funding towards important economic and social development. We are committed to internationally acknowledged ethical and professional business standards. These ensure that we actively promote environmentally and socially acceptable places of work, equality of rights, and condemn the violation of human rights in any form.

MAXASSUR as a company, as well as through our employees are actively involved in the enhancement of the quality of life of the societies within which we operate and all those with whom we interact.

We demand the strictest levels of integrity and fairness from all our stakeholders shareholders, and undertake all our activities with transparency and discretion, witt neglecting the need for confidentiality and loyalty as necessary.

Our unwavering commitment to Sustainable Business Development is an expression our desire to succeed now and in the future with the importance all-round benefit welfare at the foundation of all our efforts.

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