Life, Health and Accident

Finding the right Life and Health Insurance policies is a challenging and time-consuming process. At MAXASSUR we are committed to handling this area of your Insurance program with the utmost care, confidentiality and professionalism.

Generally, you might consider such policies so as to be able to provide financial security for yourself and your family or the like, should it become unexpectedly necessary. However, these kinds of policies would also help you to protect your mortgage, other assets or land you own, or even your business interests.

Our qualified personnel will carefully search for a plan that will best suit your personal lifestyle and requirements. As much of the paperwork as possible will be taken care of by our staff, who will also ensure that you clearly understand all the benefits of your policy and will be on hand to answer the issues you may have at any time.

We also offer a range of policies that cover areas of Joint Life Insurance (for more than one person) as well as Personal Accident, Critical Illness, and Medical Insurance.

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