Diamond Block Insurance

Your company has its own unique history, its own present day Identity and its own distinctive business visions for the future. The optimization of your Sales and Marketing efforts and the efficient distribution of your products will help to ensure your success.

But what if you your most important assets, your diamonds, are taken away from you by some unexpected event out of your control? Our experience in setting up Diamond & Jewellers’ Block Insurance for companies of all sizes has made this complex area of Insurance our specialty.

This Insurance is an ‘all-risk cover’ solution that is specifically designed for:

  • Diamond manufacturers and dealers
  • Jewellers, retail and wholesale trade
  • Commercial travelers
  • Transport of Jewellery and the like
  • Exhibitors at Trade shows and events
  • Galleries & Private Collectors
  • Cash & Valuables

This kind of Insurance Policy can also be arranged for entrusted goods, goods deposited in bank vaults or taken along as personal transport etc. Interestingly, this Block Policy can be customized to include full cover for a range of other items. Some examples are furniture, fixtures, fittings as well as including molds, models and prototypes.

So whether your valuables are on the move or at a fixed location, whether they are ‘out of office’ at a client site or held in customs or with the Postal services, MAXASSUR will have made sure that your Diamond & Jewellers’ Block policy appropriately covers potential loss, including those caused by terrorism, earthquake or ‘mysterious disappearance’.

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